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About Molluscum

Molluscum contagiosum (a rash of raised bumps on the skin that may become irritated and spread quickly) can be an embarrassing, unsightly viral disease to contract. It's possible, though, to block the spread of this disease. Chambersburg, PA board-certified dermatologist Rachel Day, M.D. at OneSkin Dermatology can provide those affected with a skin consultation to determine if the irritation on your skin is for sure molluscum. There's no medication that can totally cure this ailment, and it's highly contagious. We might, however, be able to provide you with instructions on the best way to care for the symptoms, eliminate the lesions, and restrict the spread of this condition. Individuals of any age can experience this unsightly viral condition. It takes a while to heal, but know that it will not stay in your system indefinitely. Let Dr. Day check your rash and recommend the ideal method to take care of your condition.


Molluscum is a viral disease that is spread easily by skin-to-skin contact, or by coming in contact with items that were subjected to the virus (shared toys, sports gear, articles of clothes, etc.). Children and adults of any age can contract the infection. Itching, scrubbing, rubbing, or shaving the region may cause this viral disease to become worse or the rash to spread to surrounding areas. Molluscum may also be passed to sexual partners and can sometimes show up on the genitals, the interior of the thighs, and on the abdomen of the affected patients.


A red, itchy rash is the principal symptom of molluscum contagiosum. Individual bumps typically appear on your face, arms (particularly in the creases of the armpits), and neck, as well as toward the top of your hands. Signs of this infection include:

  • Round, raised bumps on your skin that may be irritated, red, or skin-colored with a tiny dot in the middle
  • The bumps are extremely small in diameter
  • The rash triggers an annoying, itchy rash on and around the affected area
  • The infected bumps may be full of a white pus

Treatment Options

It's ideal to speak with an expert before trying over-the-counter medications or home remedies as many of these treat only the observable symptoms. Without the help of an expert, it's possible to make the condition worse. At OneSkin Dermatology, we will treat your molluscum disease with three fundamental techniques:

  • Scraping (curettage): This entails removing the affected bumps from the skin. This won't cure the disease or stop the virus. Scraping can be painful (particularly for young patients).
  • Freezing (cryotherapy): Applying liquid nitrogen, Dr. Day will freeze off each area of skin that is infected. This might require a few sessions with multiple applications to reach the intended outcome.
  • Cautery: We will use heat to eliminate the visible portion of the rash, which can also require multiple sessions for effective elimination of the rash. This doesn't stop new lumps from popping up.

Seek Clear Skin Today

At our practice, we strive to help you clear up your skin condition with personalized treatment plans. Molluscum can clear on its own when the virus has run its course, but it may be irritating, spread to your entire body, or possibly scar the skin. If you're in the Chambersburg PA area, contact OneSkin Dermatology now for a private consultation with Dr. Rachel Day. We'll do our very best to reduce the symptoms of this condition.

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