Basal Cell Carcinoma in Chambersburg, PA

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About Basal Cell Carcinoma

OneSkin Dermatology in Chambersburg, PA, founded by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Rachel Day, treats patients with various forms of skin cancer. With an early diagnosis, many skin cancers can be cured. A skin cancer that affects millions of patients every year is basal cell carcinoma (BCC). BCC usually occurs due to exposure to UV light from outdoor sun exposure or tanning beds. BCC happens when the basal cells in the epidermis mutate and form this common type of skin cancer.

BCC can start as a growth that won't go away or heal. It's slow-growing but can grow destructively wide and deep if left untreated. Catching it early is key for simpler, effective treatment. OneSkin Dermatology can provide you with a full-body skin check that can help catch BCC as soon as possible.

Those at risk

Anyone can get skin cancer, but those who have spent years in the sun, have had many sunburns, or frequently use tanning beds are at a higher risk. You're also at a higher risk if you have blonde or red hair, fair skin, or blue/green eyes. You may be more susceptible to BCC if you have the following issues:

  • Lesions or open sores that will not heal
  • A genetic predisposition to skin cancer growths
  • A suppressed immune system
  • Skin on the face, scalp, ears, neck, shoulders, or back area that is regularly exposed to the sun without protection, or has experienced multiple or severe sunburns
  • A current skin complication from injury, radiation, excessive scarring, and more

Presenting Symptoms

Basal cell carcinomas can show up as growing, new, occasionally bleeding, or painful plaques or bumps that can be brown, pink, red, skin-colored, or white. Often, they have a pearly or shiny appearance. BCC is most commonly present in sun-exposed areas, like the scalp, face, neck, and top of hands, but it can develop in any area of the body.

Skin growths that continue to grow or do not heal can be a sign of a more serious condition. BCC is typically curable, but the lesions need to be removed quickly to achieve the best outcome. BCCs grow slowly over time, and the larger the growth, the more disfigured your skin can become. When BCCs grow deep, they can cause muscle and nerve damage.

Treatment Options

Once the diagnosis of BCC is confirmed via a skin biopsy, Dr. Rachel Day will discuss the appropriate treatment for your condition with you. Treatments for BCC can be based on a number of factors, like location, size, and any particular microscopic features. Your BCC may be treated using in-office excision, electrodesiccation and curettage, cryotherapy, or topical chemotherapeutic medication.

At OneSkin Dermatology, we take your care very seriously. Dr. Rachel Day will discuss your options in detail during your appointment.

Set Up Your BCC Screening

At OneSkin Dermatology, Dr. Rachel Day is passionate about providing patient-centered care to give her patients the best outcome. When you face a skin cancer diagnosis, you need the help of a trained, board-certified dermatologist who can treat your condition effectively. Dr. Day provides her Chambersburg, PA area patients with regular skin screenings, appropriate diagnoses, and expert treatment. If you have concerns about your skin, call our office today to schedule your appointment for long-term skin health.

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