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Have you Heard of our New Tool Visia?

By: Our Team


Visia Skin Analysis is a comprehensive imaging system used in dermatology and skincare clinics to assess various aspects of the skin's health and condition. We have just added this tool at OneSkin Dermatology in Chambersburg, PA! 

Here's a brief synopsis of how it works:

1. Visia utilizes advanced imaging technology, involving high-resolution cameras and specialized lighting to capture detailed images of the skin's surface.

2. The system employs multi-spectral imaging to capture images in different wavelengths of light, allowing it to analyze various skin features, including wrinkles, texture, pores, pigment, …

3. Visia provides quantitative measurements of different skin parameters, allowing for precise evaluation and tracking of changes over time. This includes metrics such as wrinkle depth, pore size, and pigmentation levels.

4. The analysis results serve as a basis for personalized skincare recommendations and treatment plans tailored to the specific needs and concerns identified during the assessment.

Overall, Visia Skin Analysis offers a comprehensive and objective evaluation of the skin, empowering skincare professionals to provide personalized recommendations and treatments to improve skin health and appearance. Schedule your cosmetic consult today with a Visia scan!

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.