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OneSkin Integrative Dermatology offers neuromodulators, including Dysport and Xeomin for your botox treatment, to help relax dynamic facial muscles and prevent fine lines caused by expressive movement and aging. Our "less is more" approach will help you achieve a refreshed, natural appearance at OneSkin Integrative Dermatology in Chambersburg, PA

This injectable treatment can offer outstanding results and is commonly used by many individuals. It can significantly improve fine lines and wrinkles caused by expressive movement of the contracting muscles on the forehead and around the eyes. These facial lines may or may not go away when the face is relaxed. This muscle relaxer is a clean and purified strain of type A botulinum toxin that temporarily freezes the movements of the facial muscle. To soften facial wrinkles, BOTOX is carefully injected into the face. The result is smoother skin on the forehead and around the eyes. Our team most commonly administers botox treatment injections between the eyebrows, around the eyes (crow's feet), and across the forehead.

Ideal Candidates

Botox treatments are a good option for patients who wish to soften the visible look of lines and wrinkles on their upper face without surgery. Botox treatments can also be used as a preventive anti-aging treatment even if you do not show signs of aging — keep in mind how often you find yourself making facial expressions. With this treatment, you can get ahead of the effects of aging. It's a terrific, noninvasive option if you are frustrated by forehead wrinkles or parallel lines between the brows. It's also a great solution for lines around the eyes.

What To Expect

Even if it is your first visit to our office in Chambersburg, PA, we may perform the treatment on the same day as your initial consultation with a team member. You will be asked to make various expressions using your upper face, like frowning, squinting, smiling, etc., to help us to mark where the injections will be placed. Your face will be prepared and neurotoxin will be applied with a fine needle. Treatments typically take around 15 minutes, and you may resume your usual routine right away.

The Afterglow

Following the procedure, you can get right back to your typical routine, although strenuous activity should be skipped for at least a day. You should sleep with your head elevated for at least one night and avoid touching your face. Doing so can accidentally spread the neurotoxin to other areas. The injected sections of your face may appear bruised, red, or swollen for 2 – 3 days, but there should be no severe or lasting side effects. In many cases, it takes around 2 weeks before the final results settle in. The results usually last 3 – 4 months. You can talk to your injector about the best time to schedule your next appointment with OneSkin Integrative Dermatology to extend your results.

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With BOTOX, you can laugh, smile, frown, and make any face you want without increasing your fine lines and wrinkles. To prevent and smooth lines across the face, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our experienced dermatology team in Chambersburg, PA to hear more about this popular, nonsurgical facial relaxer.

How many BOTOX injections/units will I need?

The amount of BOTOX given will differ according to individual needs and the extent of your facial wrinkles. Our team can recommend the ideal number of BOTOX injections based on your targeted cosmetic results and whether you wish to address the brow area, Crow's feet, or forehead. To maintain your aesthetic results, our experts may suggest scheduling BOTOX procedures every 3 – 4 months at OneSkin Integrative Dermatology.

Can I have BOTOX additional cosmetic treatments?

BOTOX often pairs well with other nonsurgical solutions at OneSkin Integrative Dermatology for men and women who prefer to reduce aging concerns. If you have deeper and more extensive facial creases and wrinkles, we might suggest incorporating a dermal filler for your smoothest results. To further maximize a younger-looking radiant appearance, we can perform other complementary procedures, including laser skin resurfacing or a chemical peel.

Are there comparable cosmetic injections?
BOTOX Cosmetic is a specific formulation of wrinkle reducer that exists within a myriad of other comparable options, including Dysport®. These wrinkle relaxer solutions contain type A botulinum toxin, but each is uniquely formulated to treat particular challenges.

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I was so nervous and self conscious about going to the dermatologist for the first time and both Dr. Day and her staff were amazing! Dr. Day was super kind and easy going and professional which made the visit a wonderful experience. I love how thorough she is and how she takes time to explain information to you to make sure you understand. Highly recommend her for your dermatologic needs!

H.R. Google

The appointment was fast and effective. I’ll be returning if ever needed in the future!

M.K. Google

Today was my first time visiting OneSkin and in 15 minutes Tiffany was able to take care of a problem that's made me self conscious for years!!! Everyone was polite and professional and I am so thankful I went to OneSkin!!

T.M. Google

Easy to schedule if have smart phone or computer. They respond quickly to questions posed online. Office is clean and neat with relaxing atmosphere. Staff are friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. Convenient parking with easy access. I was able to schedule an appointment as a new patient within a week without a referral. For reference: I was told one YEAR wait for an in network appointment at Wellspan without a referral; And, 4+ months with a referral. 2 month wait for dermatologist in Hagerstown with my referral( required). I feel the fee schedule is reasonable and potentially less than I would have paid out of network for coinsurance and copay. OneSkin provided me with necessary paperwork to submit my own claim with my insurance.

D.H. Google

Tiffany has been great for all the services I received.

T.C. Google


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