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About Cysts

Cysts are common! And a nuisance! Typically benign, or noncancerous, they present as lumps beneath the skin. Cysts can occur anywhere on the body and are typically found on the head, neck and trunk. Occasionally they become inflamed or enlarged, red and tender. When this happens they can even rupture and drain. Though most cysts don't cause pain or harm, it is always best to remove them before they become a problem.  Rarely, a growth under the skin that looks like a cyst is the sign of a skin cancer. At OneSkin Dermatology, Dr. Rachel Day, a board-certified dermatologist will diagnose your lesion and in often offers same day treatment. 

Why Am I getting cysts?

  Do you get multiple cysts? While cysts are common there are genetic factors that contribute multiple cysts. Dr. Day and her team can take care of your multiple cysts. 

Same Day Treatment

Dr. Day offers both medical and surgical treatment for cysts at OneSkin Dermatology.  Treatment for your cyst may include a cortisone injection or oral antibiotics to calm any inflammation, draining the cyst or when possible, removing it through a surgical procedure. Most cysts can be quickly treated in our office once diagnosed. 

Ready to get rid of that Cyst?

If you are currently suffering from a bothersome cyst, contact OneSkin Dermatology to arrange a consultation with Dr. Day for treatment today!

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