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The word rash is a broad term used to describe any kind of discoloration or inflammation on the skin. There are various kinds of rashes, such as hives, heat rash, athlete's foot, and contact dermatitis. A rash is usually brought on by an infection that's parasitic, fungal, viral, or bacterial. Some rashes are not infectious but can become exacerbated when left untreated. If you've discovered a rash that's causing you distress, contact OneSkin Integrative Dermatology in Chambersburg, PA to schedule an appointment with our dermatology team. They can evaluate your skin and create a treatment program to provide relief for your rash.


It's possible for a rash to be caused by just one thing, but rashes can also be caused by a number of factors working together. Typically, a rash develops when someone comes in contact with something that leads to an allergic reaction or infection. Cleaning compounds, certain lotions or soaps, pollen, and animal dander can cause an allergic response that contributes to the development of a rash. There are thousands of different bacteria and viruses that can cause a rash, too. Those with hay fever, sensitive skin, allergies, and asthma are more likely to experience rashes.


There are several kinds of rashes that present a variety of symptoms. Frequent symptoms include discoloration or redness to the surface of the skin, blisters, itching, inflammation, stinging, and burning. These indicators may be minor or serious and may affect a small or large region of your skin. Rashes can pop up just about anywhere on your body.

Treatment Options

Treatments will differ, depending on the case. During your first appointment, we will methodically analyze your skin to ascertain a diagnosis and settle on a treatment program. We will take into account the type of rash, its location, and severity to design a customized treatment program. Quite often, an antifungal, antibacterial, or antibiotic topical ointment or gel is utilized to alleviate and address symptoms.

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Rashes may lead to redness, discomfort, and itching. Don't put off getting relief. Contact OneSkin Integrative Dermatology in Chambersburg, PA to schedule an appointment with our team today. We can design a custom treatment program to alleviate your symptoms and put you on track to smoother, clearer skin.

I was so nervous and self conscious about going to the dermatologist for the first time and both Dr. Day and her staff were amazing! Dr. Day was super kind and easy going and professional which made the visit a wonderful experience. I love how thorough she is and how she takes time to explain information to you to make sure you understand. Highly recommend her for your dermatologic needs!

H.R. Google

It was my first visit & because I preregistered online, checking in was quick and easy. The office space is beautiful & very comfortable, and every staff member I met was very nice. The doctor explained everything she was doing and took the time to answer all my questions. It was a very pleasant experience.

P.M. Google

Thorough discussion regarding my skin problem with the doctor. The approach to resolving my skin care problem was clearly explained allowing me to be confident in a resolution. Friendly and prompt staff made the experience comfortable and enjoyable.

S.H. Google

Easy to make an appt, friendly staff, on time

H.M. Google

The staff and practitioners at One Skin listened to my concerns and gave great advice for treatment. I am delighted with the results!

V.E. Google


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