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2024 Fee Schedule

Pricing effective January 1st, 2024

All visit levels are estimated at the time your appointment is scheduled. We will accommodate any additional concerns that may be present on the day of your visit, when possible, and adjust your visit level accordingly. Visits that extend beyond the time allotted are subject to an additional charge. Cash, Check, Credit Cards, FSA & FHA payments are accepted. We do pass along a 2.9% credit card processing fee on all credit card payments.

New Patients:

Preventative Skin Exam

Pediatric Visits
  • Ages 6 through 17 years of age for the treatment and care of rashes, molluscum, warts, eczema, psoriasis, dry/itchy scalp, abnormal or changing moles or birth marks & teenage acne. This visit will address the most urgent concern. An additional appointment can be scheduled to address your other skin concerns appropriately.
  • $200
    Adult Visits
  • Adult skin conditions such as Acne, Warts, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes/Hives, Finger/Toenail concerns, Skin Tags, Dermatitis, Hair Loss, Actinic or Seborrheic Keratosis, 2-3 changing skin lesions. This visit will address the most urgent concern. An additional appointment can be scheduled to address your other skin concerns appropriately.
  • $200

    Established Patients:

    Follow Up
  • Adult/Pediatric follow up visits may be necessary to check in on current medication management, treatment plans, condition improvement and on-going treatment planning.
  • $90 and up
    New Concern
  • Have a new skin concern or a flare up of an existing condition already being treated with us? Choose this appointment type for evaluation of a rash, wart, acne breakout, itchy scalp, cyst concern, skin tags, changing lesion, or excessive sweating concerns.
  • $125 and up
  • Tele-Derm Follow Up
    Virtual follow-up may be applicable for some patient visits. This will vary on skin condition and treatment plan. Your provider will determine when this is optional.
  • $90
  • Annual Follow Up
    Routine Preventative Skin Exam or your annual visit for Treatment & Medication Management, choose this appointment time. This also covers any administrative fees for prior authorizations or prescription refill requests associated with these visits.
  • $200

    If Medically Necessary includes 1 shave OR 1 punch biopsy OR single area liquid nitrogen destruction will be included in a single medical visit. Benign Lesion treatments are no longer included in the cost of visit.

    Additional Charges:

    Administration Fee: $50 (PAs) for medications (if your insurance requires a PA, we will offer a generic or compounded alternative; otherwise, there will be an additional fee to submit the PA on your behalf)
    Topical/Injectable Treatments $30 each Cantherone application, Candida or Intralesional injections may be used as part of your in-office treatment/evaluation.
    Benign Lesion Treatment $10 each in addition to office visit cost Including Skin Tag, Milia, or seborrheic keratoses removal
    Liquid Nitrogen Destruction $50
    Additional Skin biopsy $75

    Surgical Dermatology

    *Destruction of skin cancer (Electrodessication and Cautery) $250
    *Skin cancer surgery or benign excision $550 and up
    Surgery costs will vary. Estimates given at lesion evaluation appointment by your clinician

    Procedures do not include any fees incurred by pathology processing.

    Empowered Aging

    Regular Pricing Member Pricing
    Cosmetic Consultation: $100 $0
    Botox Treatment: $14 per unit $13.50 per unit
    Injectables: $750 and up $500 and up
    Sculptra: $850 per vial $750 per vial
    Hyperdilute Radiesse $900 per syringe $800 per syringe
    Intense pulse light (IPL): $375 and up $350 and up
    Laser Genesis Facial $250 $225
    Face & Underarm Hair Removal: $75 and up $75 and up
    Laser Resurfacing: $900 $800
    Microneedling: $450 per treatment $425 per treatment
    Hair Loss Treatment: $800 per treatment $600 per treatment
    Microneedling + Platelet-Rich Plasma: $800 per treatment $750 per treatment

    Consultation fee applied to any same-day purchases.

    Aesthetic Skin Care

    Superficial Peels:
    i.e. Salicylic, Glycolic
    $150 and up
    Medium to Deep Peels:
    i.e. VI Peels, TCA 20%+
    $350 and up
    LED Light Therapy $30 per treatment

    Mind & Body Wellness

    Regular Pricing
    InBody Composition Scan $25 each
    45-minute Health coaching $50 session
    10 pack of Health coach $400 sessions


    Regular Pricing Member Pricing
    Integrative Dermatology Membership N/A $119 Annually

    **All pricing listed is minimum pricing and subject to change.

    *Integrative Dermatology Membership holders can receive these services at special membership pricing. Interested in becoming a member? Text us at 717-504-8426 for information.

    • Prescription medications

      OneSkin Integrative Dermatology now carries a variety of commonly prescribed medications out of the office for your convenience. These are an additional cost. Pharmacy-filled prescriptions are usually covered by your insurance but may create additional costs due to deductibles, copays, or prior authorizations.