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How to help your teen who struggles with acne?

By: Rachel Day, M.D.


Parents, don’t turn your back on effective acne treatments!

The number one thing I hear from parents within 6-12 weeks of seeking care for their pre-teens and teens with acne with me at OneSkin Dermatology is: “I wish I would have called sooner.”

There are many reasons why parents delay having their children seen for acne.

Below I want to share the top 3 most common reasons, how my approach is different and why it is SO important to not neglect appropriately treating acne.

#1   “It wasn’t that bad.”  I have heard this phrase so many times.  We have normalized breakouts as a right of passage for our youth with the confidence that they will just grow out of it. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. My goal is always to normalize that though acne is a common condition it is still a medical disease, the severity of which can be affected by several factors including family history and any other underlying conditions. Under treated acne can lead to permanent scarring, quickly. It is always easier (and cost effective) to treat active acne than permanent scarring.

#2   “They never complained about it.”  Being a teen is HARD. Communicating with your child about their self confidence and self-esteem related to their skin is even harder.  If you find yourself scanning the drug store skincare aisle or purchasing 3-step systems and leaving them conspicuously placed for your teen to use, its time for a medical evaluation. Just like an appointment at the dentist or pediatrician, skin health check-ups don’t have to be high stress or high acuity visits. Acne is a medical disease and medical conditions require medical knowledge and guidance.  That is why at OneSkin my consultation serves as education for the whole family unit and often helps parents not only with the child being seen but others at home.

#3 “We saw another dermatologist and ‘nothing worked.’” At OneSkin, dermatology is done differently. As a board-certified dermatologist I specializes in personalized care that unhurried and focuses on your family’s unique needs and values.  Together we create a treatment plan that allows your child to be set up for success and meaningful improvement in their skin health.

Concerned about your teen’s acne? Give me a call today to schedule a consultation. I look forward to taking care of your family.

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