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Nourish your OneSkin Summer Wellness Series Part 1

By: Rachel Day, M.D.


The OneSkin Dermatology,  When Nourished Summer Wellness Series is officially here! It is exactly what I needed this week. My CSA Farmer's Box from Country Creek Produce Farm in Chambersburg, PA included:

6 farm fresh eggs



1 quart strawberries


Spring onions

Homemade Shortcake ....YUUUMMMM!

A few things to know about my style of cooking: 

1. I am a minimalist with cooking as I am with skincare. High quality ingredients. Quality over quantity.

2. I focus on consuming foods that rot and limit the use of items that expire. Something to ponder. 

3. There isn’t a wrong way to do it! Jump in try new flavors, get out of your routine and nourish your body! 

My favorite breakfast is fresh sautéed veggies with an egg. The permutations for this basic meal outline are limitless. 

Here is what I made this week with my Country Creek produce:

The Undone Omelette

    1 handful of Kale greens coarsely chopped (per person)

    1 spring onion white and light green area chopped

    3-4 mushrooms (thick sliced)

    Lemon slice

    Cheese (I like fresh feta, fresh goat cheese, parmesan block cheese, or sharp      cheddar)

    1-2 eggs

    Pepper grinder

    Sea salt grinder

   Garlic powder

Add ons: 

    Grape tomatoes- sprinkle on top at the end or add in with the kale

Take a sauté pan on medium heat and put a splash of extra virgin olive oil in the pan (grapeseed oil can also be used). Add mushrooms and brown 1-2minutes then add the spring onion. In 1-2 more minutes add kale for 1 more minute, until just barely wilted. The mushrooms will be browned but toothy, I think this keeps their earthy flavor which I enjoy.  Squeeze a slice of lemon on top (it brightens the flavor of the kale). Season with a little salt, pepper, garlic. Fresh herbs is also a great option (think basil and parmesan on top…yum!).

Take mixture and plate. Crumble or grate fresh cheese to your liking. I chose a sunny side up egg for this time but will often do soft boiled as well. A side of fresh fruit and you are all set!

Start to finish this recipe takes about 10 minutes. Fast, easy, healthy and delicious!

Did you know? 

Kale is packed with antioxidants (vitamin C) and phytonutrients which help promote collagen production, increase cell turnover and prevents sun induced free-radical damage, detoxifying skin. 

This time of year I try to be extra conscious of consuming antioxidant foods. The sun creates free radicals that causes cellular damage…in other words, 

antioxidants = antiaging 

Spring and summer I consistently use antioxidants in my skincare routine. I am loving Skinbetter’s Alto which has 18 different antioxidants including vitamin c and CE ferulic acid. I apply this in the morning. Every. Day. 

At night I have added our new Forever Green Detoxifying Serum (available in office). A few drops out of the shower before applying my retinol. This plant-based skincare line has active botanicals that provide an additional source of antioxidants in my skincare routine. It also does a great job hydrating my skin without feeling heavy. 

OneSkin Skinbetter online store available here:

Give love to your oneskin,


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