2022 Fee Schedule

Pricing effective January 1st, 2022

Medical Dermatology

All visit levels are estimated at the time your appointment is scheduled. We will accommodate any additional concerns that may be present on the day of your visit, when possible, and adjust your visit level accordingly. Visits that extend beyond the time allotted are subject to an additional charge.

New Patients:

Level 1

Single lesion evaluation*



  • Includes a biopsy if necessary.


Level 2

Pediatric Visits



  • Treatment of patients from birth to 17 years old.


Level 3

Adult Visits*



  • New patients 18+ years of age.


Established Patients:

Level 1

Biologic injection/Nurse visit


Level 2

One of the following (example)*



  • Single lesion evaluation
  • Acne follow up
  • Wart treatment


Level 3

One of the following (example)*



  • 2 – 3 lesions evaluation
  • Rash follow up


Level 4

One of the following (example)**



  • Full body skin exam
  • New rash/concern involving 1 body area


Level 5

Total Body Skin Exam plus



  • Additional evaluation or follow up, beyond general skin exam (i.e. rash, acne, prsoriasis,ect)



*If Medically Necessary includes 1 shave OR 1 punch biopsy OR single area liquid nitrogen destruction will be included in a single medical visit. Benign Lesion treatments are no longer included in the cost of visit.

Other Charges:

Administration Fee:

$25 (including prior authorization, paperwork processing, etc.)

Pregnancy Test:

$5 (when necessary, for medication purposes)

Extended Visit Charge:


Benign Lesion Treatment

$10 (including Electro Cautery, Liquid Nitrogen, Skin Tag, or Milia)

Intralesional Steroid Injection


Liquid Nitrogen Destruction


Cantherone Treatment


Candida Antigen Injection


Skin Biopsy (punch or shave technique)


Incisional/Excisional Biopsy


Cosmetic shave removal






SK Elective Removal



Surgical Dermatology

Malignant destruction skin cancer


Skin cancer surgery or benign excision (e.g.cyst)






1-2 cm



2-3 cm



3+ cm


Procedures do not include any fees incurred by pathology processing.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic consultation with Dr. Day


Consultation fee applied to any same-day purchases.


Neurotoxin: $14 per unit

Injectables: $700 and up

Sculptra: $1550 per session

Intense pulse light (IPL): $375 and up

OneSkin Laser Facial with Laser Genesis Technology $250


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Laser hair removal: $250 and up

Microneedling: $450 per treatment

Platelet-rich plasma hair growth: $800 per treatment

Microneedling + platelet-rich plasma: $700 per treatment

Aesthetic Skin Care

Chemical peels: $150 and up

LED light therapy: $30 per treatment



**All pricing listed is minimum pricing and subject to change.